Shaiya Underworld - NEW Client without Effects
17 March 2018
Hello Shaiyans, many of you asked for a official no effect client ...
Shaiya Underworld - Maintanance & Adding content
15 March 2018
Hello Shaiyans, Today we are doing our Weekly Server Maintenace ...
Shaiya Underworld - Voting Event
15 March 2018
Vote and Win VIP Item By this Event we try to reach as many Votes we can....
Shaiya Underworld - Official Release
18 February 2018
Official Opened 18.02.2018 Welcome to Shaiya Underworld, we are an Shaiya Episode 5.4 server and will stay an ep ...


Battle of Oassis
17 March 2018
Battle for Oassis Event Starts: 17 March, 12:00 PM Server Time
Royal Rumble
17 March 2018
Royal Rumble Event Starts: 17 March, 16:00 PM Server Time
Naked PvP
17 March 2018
Naked PvP Event Starts: 17 March, 19:00 PM Server Time

We need AoL support !

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   Shaiya Underworld: Episode 5.4
   3PvP Areas: 15-30-70
   Game Server: Online
   GRB Schedule: Every Saturday 3PM
   EXP Rate: Instant level
   KILL Rate: x1
   NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv6
   FREE Shaiya Points by PvP rewards
   FREE Starter Equipments for farming
   FREE 30 Day's Consumables CRR, PID, EE
   PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting
   DDoS Protected Server

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